Crystals of DNA jewels

Now there are 12 crystals that work with the 12 strands of the DNA, each crystal vibrates to a different frequency and to a different number. All of these emanating a scared sound, and this impacts on the frequency that your DNA vibrates to.

The first strand of DNA is held by the amethyst crystal, and this vibrates to the number eight. The amethyst supports the first strand in setting a solid foundation from which you can tap into your divine plan and manifest it

The second strand is held by the quartz crystal and vibrates to the number two. This is about attaining and maintaining balance in order for the universal books to balance, what you need to be in balance. There is a book for everything, you even have a book of life in your physical world, not so, this is your book of identity, yes? Perhaps some of you need some new identify documents, yes?

As your identity changes and this is where the third strand of DNA is impacting on many of you and this is held or supported by the tigers eye crystal and vibrates to the number one. The majority of humanity has been colored and conditioned by society’s expectations placed upon them. You forgot who you are. And as your third strand has become more and more active, you have literally begun to ask – who am I? Why am I here? Surely this is not the only reason why I came here? And you are quite right in this, work with the tiger’s eye, is this clear?

 The fourth strand, which resonates directly with the heart chakra, is held by the rose quartz crystal and this is to do with your relationship with intimate family- your parents, your siblings, your children and your partner. So any issues revolving around these intimate areas are affected by the fourth strand of DNA. And as this DNA strand becomes more active many of you may find already that you have been or are facing challenges with your immediate family. Parents, siblings, children and partner. The information that we are giving you regarding all twelve strands of DNA have impacted to a certain extent on many of your lives already, so just take note of what we are saying and this will give you a better idea of which strand in your body has become active and which one is most influencing your life at this time. This strand vibrates to the number 4.

The fifth strand of DNA is held by the sodalite crystal and vibrates to the number three and this one impacts immensely on your throat chakra. This is to do with communication. People who are teachers, people who are to bring about change through communication are truly activating their fifth strand ofDNA like there is no tomorrow. It is becoming a very strong strand, because as you move out of the old age of limitation, of poverty consciousness, of victim consciousness, conditional love and lust consciousness, the throat chakra is becoming more active. Because people need to learn to say what they mean and mean what they say. To lead by example by thought, action and word. And this is what the fifth strand of DNA is all about.

The sixth strand is held by the citrine and vibrates to the number six. This is also connected to the sun chakra which we recently gave information on, as well as your higher self’s energy, and your soul energy. This strand is responsible for showing you where you have disconnected your self on a soul level. It shows you loud and clear where you have given your power to your lower ego. It will highLight this, and as you activate this strand it is about re-uniting all of these aspects of yourself so you can live your life in balance, united, masculine and feminine energies.

The seventh strand of DNA is held by the labradorite crystal and vibrates to the number nine. This particular strand of DNA is affecting your abilities to communicate telepathically, you could say this strand is the magic wand that you have been looking for and it has been inside of you all along. By consciously focusing on aligning yourself with this strand, you begin to learn the mechanics of manifesting miracles and magic in your life. The seventh strand of DNA also broadens the imaginations ability to tap into higher levels of consciousness. And many of the new children are masters of utilizing this seventh strand.

The eighth strand of DNA vibrates with the pyrites crystal and vibrates to the number eight. And this is connected to the solar plexus chakra. The eighth strand of DNA is about looking at your emotional foundation. It forces you to look at how you honor and respect yourself. It asks you to look at the boundaries that you have set and those of you who are going through deep challenges at this time with regards to looking at boundaries you are working with the frequency of the eighth strand of DNA.

The ninth strand vibrates to the crystal sugilite and the number is four. The ninth strand asks you to decide between love and fear, knowledge and ignorance, wisdom and denial. The ninth strand faces you with the challenge of yes or no. It shows you that there is no grey area any more, you either are or you are not. You are either following a path of healing or you are not. So you could say that the ninth strand of DNA does not have much of a sense of humor. You understand?

The tenth strand of DNA vibrates to the crystal by the name of rhodocrosite and the number is one. And the tenth strand is about addressing all the belief structures that you have adopted from your father. Even if your biological father was not a part of your life those belief systems are still affecting you because you are genetically coded with the information. Is this clear to all of you? So you will need to look at your childhood and try to remember or reflect about anything that you can remember most about your relationship with your father, your stepfather or any father figure as such. And this will show you exactly where in your life you are sabotaging yourself.

The eleventh chakra is held by the crystal charoite and this is the chakra that motivates you to persevere so that you can master yourself. So that you can graduate from the university of life with distinctions. When you are working with the eleventh strand you are actively searching for your divine purpose. You are adamant to find out why you are here and this automatically sets in motion a chain reaction of experiences that will show you what is no longer supporting you and what is. And in a way it offers you the same challenge as the ninth strand – do you want it or don’t you – are you going to change or are you going to remain in your comfort zone. In order to master yourself you need to be courageous enough to admit to and acknowledge what is no longer a part of you, what no longer serves you and what you are afraid of.

And the twelfth strand of DNA is held by the pure white selenite or Quartz crystals and vibrates to the number four as well. This is where you come to the end of cycles; wherever you are faced with a life changing experience, the crossroads so to speak, know that you are working with twelfth strand DNA issues. This is where the soul steps in, where spirit takes over and you can call it fate, you can call it destiny and it takes you where you must be. It is like everything becomes completely out of your control and the only choice that you have is to surrender, you can carry on and fight it if you want to but you will get tired. So it is rather to surrender to it.