DNA Jewellery

Each of these jewels includes the 12 different crystal beads.


It’s important to know about crystals that they all vibrate at a specific frequency.

This vibration of the 12 selected crystals are linked to a single DNA strand.

Together they help the development and operation of the DNA strand 12.

The crystals can be programmed with different techniques.

These crystalline beads on my jewelery were aligned and programmed by my Heavenly helpers at a holy healing place.
The program on them helps to clear the wrong programs in DNS and reprogram them according to the vibration level of the current world.

Crystal beads are energetically damaged during mining and machining.

My Heavenly helpers are eliminate these injuries, clean up and refill the jewels.

Jewelry affects each person differently, depending on how energetic and physically injured the person is.

Impact of jewelery can be increased:

– If we’re energetically cleaned.

  Breakdown, Curse, Negative Elimination, Avoid Hazardous Geopatic Radiation Locations (Important in Beds).

– Stop eating unhealthy foods.

 -Chemically-contaminated, genetically engineered, synthetic foods, and artificial additives can also damage the DNA.

-Solid, stress-free lifestyle, meditation.

DNA jewelry dissolves internal tension, radiates calmness and stimulates brain function.

The earth’s vibration is rising steadily. It can be very stressful for the human body. Because if you has not got past experience with this jewel, you don’t know how your body reacts. Everyone has different symptoms. It can be headache, irritability, stress, drowsiness, fatigue, and so on.The DNA jewelry helps relieve the symptoms and helps the adaptation to the rising vibration level.

Jewelery can be worn continuously.

 If someone is more sensitive to the energies, they have to accustom their body to informations from jewelery.

If a child cant’t wear them, they can placed under the pillow or mattress in their bed.

It can also program water:

– Non-carbonated mineral water with opened cap put on the 12 crystal beads for 15 minutes. Water keeps the information for 2 days.

-Put clear, empty glass to the 12 crystal beads and start fill water. Immediately takes the information, but you have to drink the water right away, because not keep it long. (only if the glass with water left for 15 minutes)

Clean up half a year.

Unless you have a strong negative emotional effect while wearing jewelery.


Put 12 hours in a nylon stocking, bury in flowerpot or garden.

-12 hours on a Kolcov sheet.

If any other jewel contain precious stones, semiprecious stones and crystal beads, you should not wear together with DNA jewelery because they weaken the effects.Crystal beads are fragile. Their hardness like a glass beads.  They can break if they fall or hit by something.Not put to direct sunlight, because they may become obscured, their vibrations may change. Body lotion, perfume, primer, cosmetics, powdery mildew, soap, chemicals do not touch them because their effects are impaired. If the jewel gets a damage by incorrect using, the guarantee is not exist.